El Rey está desnudo

Jun 4

Repeat with me: Governments are the problem, Governments are the problem…

On Saturday evening, in order to relax after my (German language) exam and an exhausting learning period, I meet with some friends in Cologne, to chat and take some beers. In one moment of the night, I realized that there, around that table, we were people from UK, Spain (me), Turkey, China, Iran and … Israel. There, just chatting, sharing stories, eating, drinking beer, laughing… Later another guy from Turkey, but Kurdish, arrived and joked with the other Turkish friend. I decided to tweet that: “This is how the world should be”. 

And yes: that´s the way the world should be. The day after I had time to relax and think (for first time in weeks) and I wondered how was possible that people coming from so different countries, countries most of them in the middle of diplomatic conflicts, unfriendly relationships and even on not declared war, could enjoy and have fun around the same table. And there is one simple reason, which anybody could also easily reach: Governments are the problem.

Governments (and not the people) create conflicts among the countries. Governments (and not the people) declare war, war declared from comfortable air conditioned offices far away from the terrain where the people, and not the Governments, die. Governments (and not the people) raise nationalistic, patriotic or religious feeling to hide their incompetence and justify their existence. Governments (and not the people) prompt the hatred, and makes the people (and not the Governments) to hate to each other. 

This quote of Marjane Satrapi that I already used to explain the conflict between Argentina and Spain explains it perfectly.

Governments (either tyrannical or democratically elected) are the problem. And the sooner we all, the individuals, realize of it, the better.