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Wikileaks is dead. We need a new wikileaks

Julian Assange is an asshole. And the Government of Rafael Correa in Ecuador is bullshit. Right. But Wikileaks is (or at least was) a good idea: only if Governments know that whatever they do is going to be made public, they will take care of doing something illegal. Or at least, they will try to. 

However the current Wikileaks is dead. Its death sentence was signed when on Thrusday the Government of Ecuador gave assylum to Julian Assange. And it is death not because US (of course they will go on acting against them). It is death because Wikileaks as it is known now will never publish any dirty information from Ecuador’s Government or any of its allies (Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina…the “crème de la crème” of the democracy and respect for liberties) as long as Assange is protected by Correa’s Government.

Therefore the concept of Wikileaks as the website where all the dirty (and/or illegal) actions performed by any Government in the World is published, is dead. Actually, it was never that as far as I know. Its proper name would have been “US-leaks” as their target for the time being has been only US (and its allies) and that´s why they gained the support of the left worldwide, left who would retire their support if WL starts publishing shit about Cuba or Venezuela (if it is possible to publish something crappier with regards to what we already know).  

That´s why we need a “new Wikileaks”. A really independent information service, independent from any pseudo dictatorship and independent from “annoying and arrogant” people. An information service which publishes information, secret information, classified information from any dirty and/or illegal action from any Government in the World. Not only the US (yes), but also Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Burma, Afghanistan, etc. And probably a service who pays big amounts of money to the people from those Governments who reveals and sends the information, in order to obtain really relevant information. That´s what we need. 

Current Wikileaks now is just a muppet in the hands of south-american pseudodictatorship. Hence Wikileaks is dead. It´s a pity that the only real loser of all this story has been soldier Bradley Manning, whose sacrifice has been used for the benefit of some of the crappiest regimes in the World. 

Btw, Free Manning!