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That monster called EU (part II)

The EU again acting against the nations (and the European citizens). From Open Europe Blog:

  • "The European Parliament voted for 6.8% increase to the EU’s 2013 budget (which is subject to Qualified Majority Voting and co-decision between national ministers and MEPs), thereby rejecting member states’ compromise 2.79% increase, instead going with the Commission.  
  • In a report, the EP also backed a 5% increase to the EU’s long-term budget (and a lot bigger increase if off-balance sheet items are included), in line with the European Commission’s original proposal. This proposal has been rejected by all net contributing member states (which doesn’t mean that the net contributors agree amongst themselves).
  • Finally, the Commission said today that it needs to amend the 2012 EU budget, since there’s not enough cash left. If you’re a government on an EU-mandated austerity programme - or a a household - you’re forced to prioritise and find savings when there’s not enough money in the pot. If you’re an EU institution you ask for an additional €9bn (with roughly €3.1bn from fines imposed on member states, meaning that national governments will have to put up €5.9bn in total)”. 

Why did they decide to go against the nations and to increase the budget in almost 9000M€ with respect to 2012 budget? For your benefit, of course:

Parliament said in a statement that the aim was to protect popular EU programmes against shortfalls which disrupted them in 2012 and so help boost growth and jobs, under pressure in the eurozone debt crisis.

“To boost growth and jobs, Parliament reversed (cuts) … in areas that MEPs believe are vital to boost the economy, such as research, entrepreneurship and employment measures,” it added.

Here you have the detailed votes MEP by MEP. Here you have the final approved numbers. Here you have how the EU spends such money.