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How much does the EU cost you each year?

Sometimes is better, much better, to shut up your mouth and not to open it ever, not even to defend yourself. Because then you take the risk that you put your foot in it…

Today I received a tweet with the link to a page where the European Commission people is trying to fight against some of the “myths” (in their words) that you, stupid European citizen, believe about them. The typical: that they are expensive, noneffective, inefficient, useless, etc.

I read it carefully and well, it did not call my attention too much (reading it in a linear way)… until I started to cross-check the data among them. And then I arrived to the following:

The EU budget is enormous!” No, it is not, it is “only” 140 billion euros (in 2011):

"With around 140 billion euro (2011), many important investments can be made for the benefit of our citizens and businesses. But the EU budget is relatively very small in comparison with more than 6300 billion euro, which is the sum of national budgets of all 27 EU Member states".

Yeah, thanks God that it is smaller than the total of all the nations alltogether. Thanks, EC.

But then… “most EU money is spent on administration!”. No, not most of it. The only part that is used to the Administrative Budget (to keep the EC and satellites running) is a 6% of the budget:

"Most EU citizens would be relieved to learn that administrative costs of running the EU amount to 6% of the total spending, leaving 94% to be spent on EU policies".

Ok, clear. It seems even “understandable” and you might feel even “relieved”… until you decide to obtain the 6% of 140 billion € for just the year 2011: not more, not less than 8400 Million €.

So, we, my European colleagues (the ones that read this from outside the EU are lucky), we pay with out taxes 8400 Million € (only in 2011, a big crisis year) for people to spend their time in knowing how to spend another 131600 Million €.

Now my friends, you do not need to think about “myths” anymore. Now you have real facts, and published by them.

P.S. Just for your information, maybe you would like to know that the European Union globally has around 24000 people working for them.