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Now you can be part of the world of Perfectopia!

Today we activated new sections on the website of the Perfectopia book. From today on you will feel a little more like a citizen of the New World Order, and choose how you will live for the next 4 years, even if it is just virtually. Each of the electoral options presents a brief electoral program with which they will try to attract your vote. Here you can read summaries of their programs, and here you can vote.

If you’ve read Perfectopia you know already what your vote means. If you have not read it yet be careful because in the New World Order voting implies much more than nowadays. In the New World Order the current decadent democracies are superseded by a new system that allows every citizen to live the way he or she wants, without majorities imposing on minorities or (even worse) minorities overpowering majorities, and preventing those voting one option top be affected by the people who voted other options. That is, all the shortcomings of the “less bad of the systems”, as usually democracy is called, are overcome, allowing individual citizens to choose their own lifestyle. Therefore, if you choose “Plannees ” or “Naturists”, you´ll live as such for the next four years, with their advantages and disadvantages. You will be able to change options if you so wish during the next election period.

Go on reading at: http://perfectopia.co/web/content/now-you-can-be-part-world-perfectopia

¿Democracy? Think out of the box. There is more out there.

¿Democracy? Think out of the box. There is more out there.

"What is democracy?"

"What is democracy?"

In democracy the majority rules, right? #let #tlot

In democracy the majority rules, right? #let #tlot

How democracy works. 
Via @jtldgrc.

How democracy works. 

Via @jtldgrc.

Democracy is the dictatorship of the majority.

- Dedicated to the non-kirchnerist Argentinians

Chronicle of the infamy

Finally the Spanish Libertarian Party – Partido de la Libertad Individual (P-Lib) – has been banned and will not be allowed to participate in the next general elections. P-Lib is not the only party that has suffered the antidemocratic attack of the new regulation (Pirate Party also, for instance), but it has been the only one that has been arbitrarily banned after fulfilling all the conditions to participate. Here is the sequence of events, that we would like to share with the entire world to show which kind of “democracy” we have in Spain, and also how Spain is getting closer and closer to pseudo-democratic regimes like Venezuela and Argentina, where basic freedoms and rights are being violated everyday.

On 29 January 2011, Saturday, a new regulation of the Spanish General Electoral Law (LOREG) was published. Nobody made any noise on it, neither the Spanish media, totally submissive to the politic power, nor the political parties in the Parliament (of course). In this new regulation, the political parties that were not already in the Parliament, needed to present before they could participate in any electoral process, a number of endorsements (i.e. signatures) equivalent to the 0,1% of the population of any of the areas in which the country is split electorally speaking. This implies that, for instance, in the case of the province of Madrid, almost 5000 signatures were needed to be collected. The conditions were more challenging that only the collection of the signatures, because the political parties that were not already in the parliament had only 20 days to do it, and with an additional difficulty: the signatures had to be unique per each political party. Hence, the 20 small political parties that usually were participating in Madrid, for instance, needed to obtain for the signatures of at least 100.000 citizens to be able to be present in the electoral process. In 20 days.

But it was not only the difficulty of such conditions. It is also what in a democratic country that implies: citizens were requested to disclose, with name, Id number and signature, their electoral preference. Totally antidemocratic. Logically many, many of them rejected to sign, as vote is, in accordance with the Spanish Constitution, secret.

The reason for this modification in the law was clear: day after day the Spanish citizens are getting more and more pissed off with the Spanish politicians that only rule in their own benefit, far from the real needs of the people and that consider politics as a way to live comfortably without effort and just living from the result of the work of the citizens. Hence, new political parties were appearing with great success that were threatening their comfortable status-quo. They needed to stop it. And they did it.

However, the P-Lib succeeded. People belonging to the party, together with friends and other supporters spent the ruled 20 days in the streets (I did it also a couple of days) collecting (or trying to) the requested signatures. I can not describe with words the personal effort that it implied and how difficult it was, you need to live it in order to know it. But the people had a lot of hopes and wished and they/we considered that it was worthy. 

Monday 17th of October, the last day to present the signatures, the P-Lib presented 5540 (the minimum were around 4600) in Madrid, and around 1000 in Zaragoza (the minimum were around 700) in the Electoral Council Offices of each city. Therefore, in Madrid, the P-Lib presented almost 1000 signatures more than the minimum requested. It was done…

… or not.

On Wednesday 19th of October, the Electoral Council of Madrid communicated officially to the P-Lib that they had discarded more than 900 signatures because they were supposed to be erroneous. However no evidence of this was provided (no evidence could be provided because they never checked the 5540 signatures, but only some and made an extrapolation). Nevertheless the P-Lib was officially given an additional period of 48 hours to collect the 94 additional signatures needed to reach the minimum limit.  P-Lib activated again the people and in 24 hours was able to collect more than 550 signatures

But in the evening of the Thursday 20th of October, when al the new signatures had been already collected ready to be presented on Friday 21st of October, the Electoral Council of Madrid communicated (again) to the P-Lib that, contradicting what they had said the day before, no additional signatures were allowed to be presented to solve the problem

Therefore, from that moment on, the P-Lib was de-facto out of the electoral process. Considering that the Electoral Council never justified exactly which of the 5540 were wrong, the party had not possibility to solve this issue. And in case that they were really wrong (the 900 they stated), the signatures were collected in the street so it was not possible to find the people who signed. The Electoral Council new that it was materially impossible.

On Friday 21st however the P-Lib presented the additional 560 signatures together with a petition to consider the additional signatures as it was stated by the same Council on 19th of October. However the P-Lib was officially communicated that they were out of the elections. 

And this is how we are today. For first time in the democratic history of Spain, legal political parties will be prevented of participating in democratic elections. But not only that. What happened to the P-Lib shows the arbitrariness that you need to face in order to make use of your democratic rights. Improper of a (self-called) civilized country belonging to the “first world”.

Now the only exit that the P-Lib will try is the legal one: P-Lib will go to the Spanish Justice to present their case and, if possible, to try to impugn the whole electoral process. However, considering that in Spain the judges are elected by the same political parties that are present in the Parliament (yes, this is the way the justice works in Spain), there is no hope on the success of this solution.

It is possible that the candidature of Zaragoza will be accepted (no problems have been communicated), but until Monday we will not know this. In any case, considering the population of both cities, deactivating the candidature of Madrid, the Electoral Council has killed effectively any possibility for the party to obtain representation in the parliament.

All the efforts of so many people will have been useless. All the hopes and wishes of dozens of people that worked hard will have been despised. And thousands of Spaniards will not be allowed to vote to the political option they wanted

¿Spanish democracy? 

Update (25/10/11): the infamy is confirmed.

I don’t know, so I’m an atheist libertarian

I don’t believe the majority always knows what’s best for everyone. The fact that the majority thinks they have a way to get something good does not give them the right to use force on the minority that don’t want to pay for it. If you have to use a gun, I don’t believe you really know jack. Democracy without respect for individual rights sucks. It’s just ganging up against the weird kid, and I’m always the weird kid.

Please, read it completely. Via Sam Bowman (@S8mB

Democracy in Spain is dead, but not precisely for the reasons you might think

This is a summary in English of this previous post in Spanish, targeted to my international followers. Basically what has happened is that the main political parties in the Spanish Parliament have performed a “kind of” Coup d’Etat against the Spanish democracy, act performed with the collaborative silence of the Spanish Media and other political parties that could obtain some benefit of the new regulation. So successful has been such silence, that very few Spaniards have heard about this.

In January of the current year, the Spanish Parliament approved a modification of the law that rules the access to the electoral processes for the different political parties. The change basically makes practically impossible to a small party that has never been present in a previous electoral process to present candidates and lists to the elections. Actually they can, but undergoing such a difficult and costly process that in practical terms makes it impossible. The consequence is that for the next general elections (20th November), only the already present big parties will be allowed to concur, and no new political party will be able to. This has been made basically because of the fear of the Spanish “big parties” (socialists - PSOE, conservative party - PP and two big nationalist parties from Catalonia and Basque Country - CiU and PNV) to lose power/votes due to the presence of new political parties, as happened with the new ones appeared in the national scene in the recent years (UPyD and Ciutadans).  

This is specially serious in a so considered “modern country” like Spain. But what is really painful is that this (under my point of view) criminal act has been accomplished with the collaborative silence of the entire Spanish media (servil with the main political parties) and the newly appeared “citizens movements” that are supposed to claim for “real democracy” and that what they really look for is to refrain the voters of voting the conservative party, when unhappy with the socialist party.

And this really (sorry for the expression) piss me off, because one of this “new” political party that is being blocked from the next general elections, is the recently created Spanish Libertarian Party (P-Lib), leaving a quite important part of the Spanish voters without a libertarian political option.   

After this, what do you think? Is Spain still a modern democratic country?

I found the video.

Listen carefully to the speech of Senator Palpatine my friends, because we are listening to it very often nowadays, as everything is done “for our security”…

Be careful also with the so called “democracy”, it can kill the liberty… “with thunderous applause”.